“Thank you very much for your time, expertise, and knowledge of voice as an instrument.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I have sat down with someone who has given me direction that I can truly use to get better at not only voice and characterization, but how the field is changing and suggestions on how I can change with it.  Thanks again and look forward to our next session.”

Will Barnes, Actor

“Evelyn is a wonderfully analytical and helpful coach.  In minutes, she identified the idiosyncrasies of my native British accent  and the specific adjustments and exercises that would help me.  I highly recommend anyone who needs help with accents and dialects to contact Evelyn.  She offers excellent rates for her one on one classes.”

Richard Haylor, Actor

“The show went great.  Discovery is very excited.  Thank you for your honest and professional opinion and help.  America would not have been able to understand me without you.”

William Wu, Reality TV Star

“Evelyn is great!  After just one session with her I could hear the improvement in my dialect.  I highly recommend meeting with her if you feel you have a slight to heavy accent.”

Ileana Hernandez, Actress

“As an actor it has been a wonderful and enriching experience working with Evelyn, always looking for the truth in the behavior.  Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge with us.”

J.M., Actor

“Working with Evelyn gave me an ear on how to change small, subtle sounds that made a big difference once I became aware of them.  I am from Ireland and have been living here for twenty years, so I feel I have definitely picked up and American twang, but there are still Irish sounds coming through.  Evelyn helped me focus on those sounds and redirect them to get more of a pure American accent.  I am still working on my accent but now that I know what part of the word to change, it makes more sense and is becoming less of an effort.”

Sarah O’Kelly, Actress

“Evelyn truly helped me go past my accent barrier.  It did take work but the exercises were quite simple and only required consistency.”

Enara, Actress

“My voice class was awesome.  As a new voice actress, I felt very comfortable with Evelyn.  She provided me with very good exercises to use before doing an audition and also daily activities to use to start training my voice.  Evelyn is extremely knowledgeable and is a Master Speech Pathologist, so she was able to incorporate those skills too.  I would highly recommend Evelyn to any voice actor/actress that desires to improve their skills.  I’m looking forward to our next session!”

C.C., Voice Actress

“Dear Evelyn,,,I want to thank you for helping my daughter Ella with her Cockney dialect for her audition.  I was amazed how good she got in such a short time not to mention how much fun she had working with you.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to know you are there when we need you, no matter what location we are filming.”

Lisa W.

“Having studied internationally with a plethora of top notch Speech and Dialect Coaches, Evelyn Lerner Grossman continues to be my goto Coach.  Her cutting edge techniques combined with laser-sharp problem solving “fixes”, strengthen my character accents, cadences, and attitude every single session.  Time being the most precious commodity, Evelyn Lerner Grossman continues to be the most practical and constructive coach out there.  Her expertise has truly been a terrific contribution to the success of my multi-talented show, The H-Word.  Thank You Evelyn!”

Frannie Sheridan

Writer, Performer