Private One-to-One Classes are offered by appointment with convenient, flexible scheduling in South Florida. You’ll be amazed by the way changing just a few sounds and the intonation of your speech will make a noticeable difference in the way you sound.  Small changes bring about big results.  Whether you want to neutralize a foreign or regional dialect, acquire a dialect for a role, modify your speaking voice, improve your presentation skills, train in public speaking, or prepare for a successful interview, you will find that success is easily within your reach.  If you are an attorney or other corporate or medical professional, please visit Evelyn’s corporate coaching site at www.accentmitigator.com.

“Evelyn is a highly skilled, well-trained voice and speech coach.  She is adept at quickly pinpointing any voice issues one may have, and then crafting an effective plan in order to address those issues.  I am still doing the exercises recommended to me by Evelyn.  They have really helped me to improve articulation, breathing, and overall voice quality.  When it comes to voice work, Evelyn is the actor’s best friend.”

SL, Actor

“Evelyn is great to work with.  In just one meeting, she was able to help me become aware of both the speed in which I speak as well as tone to help me communicate more effectively in business situations.”

John Fitzgerald

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